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Case Studies

Building experience for young engineers

We understand there is an acute shortage of skilled engineers within the industry and whilst young people may be applying for roles, the truth is, applicants simply do not have the relevant skills and experience. Universities and Students are recognising there are many benefits to vocational learning and work placements with more students studying [...]

Twin Screw Pump and Chocolate Application

A Large Chocolate Manufacturer had a problem with bottlenecks in production, and the amount of time it takes to empty their conches through the existing pipe system to the holding tanks. After our site visit, two main limiting factors were identified and reported to our customer engineers: The length of the pipe system and [...]

HpE helps consumers have a break

Special edition products are popular with consumers and can be great for business boosting sales at quiet times. Everyone loves a break with their favourite chocolate biscuit. Add a dash of orange, or mint or even a layer of peanut butter to ring the changes. But for production managers they can be a [...]

AG Barr’s

The Challenge IRN BRU is an iconic drink with a secret recipe known to only a handful of people. Everyone involved in its production and that of AG Barr’s other soft drinks is immensely proud of their reputation for consistency, quality and a great tasting product. The Scottish based company was faced [...]

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