Ampco ZP Pump Series

The  Ampco ZP Pump Series establishes a new standard of value, quality and features in the positive displacement pump market.

In 2010, Ampco introduced the ZP1 and ZP2 Series of positive displacement pumps. The ZP Pump Series offers more standard features than competing pumps including a stainless steel gearcase. ZP1 and ZP2 Series pumps are part-for-part, 100% interchangeable with the competition.

ZP Series + ZP3

Ampco ZP Pump

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Raising the bar in 2012 Ampco introduced the ZP3 Series. The patented ZP3 is fully CIP-able without modification or loss of efficiency. The front-loading seal design allows for fast and easy maintenance without removing process piping or the heavy fluid end. The unique rotor case design eliminates all dead zones
within the pump making the ZP3 the only fully CIP-able choice in sanitary positive displacement pumps. The ZP3 is EHEDG certified; in conformance with 3A
standards and the ATEX Directive.

Further advancing the traditional design features of positive displacement pumps Ampco introduced the patented ZP1+ Series, which is designed to allow o-ring
seals to be changed without disconnecting the pump from the piping system. Both the ZP3 and ZP1+ set a new standard for sanitary processing. The entire ZP
Series offers quality, enhanced features, value and proven performance.

Supporting the pumps range, is the remanufacturing programme allows the reconditioning of pumps up to four times, depending on wear.   This can allow an average savings of 30% can be made over new pump pricing.  will restore your Ampco ZP Series or Waukesha Universal I and II style pump (from 006 to the 520) to its original performance and efficiency. For more information contact the office on 0113 252 3712 – The remanufacture leaflet highlights all the benefits-  here

Re-manufacture program

Based on end user requirements, Ampco has extended its manufacturing services. Re-manufacturing a used pump is a significantly lower-cost alternative to purchasing a new replacement pump. The program will restore your Waukesha Universal I and II series style pumps(from 006 to the 520) and the WFT (Wrightflow) TRA10/TRA20 to their original performance and efficiency. Ampco pumps offer complete interchangeability, superior quality and reliability.

For more information visit : Remanufacture Program