Hygienic Mixers

To increase our offering of high-quality process equipment, we now supply hygienic mixers for the Food, Chemical, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Industries.

In order for us to supply the industry with leading products, we are always keen to work with reliable and established partners. Our partnership with trusted manufacturers allows us to offer tailor-made solutions through CFD, constantly-improving mixing calculation tools and consistent experience in order to meet the specific needs of customers for new equipment or upgrading existing fleets and customer service.

See below our extensive range of mixing solutions:

Mixing Skid

Mixing Skid

  • Speed control of mixing elements
  • Temp monitoring  & control
  • Tank pressure monitoring & control
  • Feed and supply pump control
  • CIP Control
  • Automated valve sequencing

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Static Mixer

Static Mixers

Static Mixers Case Study P52

Primix offers static hygienic mixers and heat exchangers solutions for mixing, cooling, frothing, dispersion and pasteurisation of foods and beverages.

Within the food industry aspects as CIP cleaning, smooth and / or polished surfaces and sanitary fittings, are of importance. Reality has shown that by applying static mixing elements and by the achieved increased product velocity alongside the inner wall of the tube, the applied mixing element with respect to an empty tube after CIP Cleaning, provides a considerably cleaner result. The subsequently measured bacterial count is minuscule.

In-line mixers introduce or remove heat from a product stream without the need for plate heat exchangers (which cannot work on high viscosity products and are difficult to clean) or excessively long shell and tube units.

  • The mixing elements are fully welded and electro-polished making them the cleanest available
  • Tailor made units
  • Supplied with or without heating/cooling jackets
  • Can have up to 4 injectors in a single housing
  • Intelligent design and pulse free flow allow us to make shorter mixers, minimising waste


  • Mixing flavouring agents, colouring agents, additives or fruit
  • Dispersing
  • Frothing
  • Airing
  • Temperature conditioning
  • Cooling spreads and butters
  • Pasteurisation
  • Dosing components for the production of cheese
  • Production of drinking yoghurt – blending with fruit juice
  • Coffee blending and heating of coffee extracts
  • Beer production – adding CO2 to beer
  • Mixing edible oils
  • Desliming vegetable oils with phosphor acid
  • Caramel crystallisation
  • Sterilisation of vegetables and fruit concentrates

Marble chocolate – white and brown chocolate

A particular application in which static mixers have proven to be very useful, is marbling chocolate. Here, in a chocolate flow a relatively smaller current of white chocolate is blended. Because it stays in the laminar flow area, layers as described above arise, and this gives the beautiful marble effect. The static mixer also lends itself perfectly to mixing air into chocolate. We speak in this case, of two-phase mixing.


Re-work margarine

Many margarine installations in Europe run with a re-work section. In the feeding pipeline to the packaging machine a relatively small flow of margarine is returned, so that it is always on standby. Should a sudden failure of the packaging line occur, the full capacity of the cold margarine (6 ° C) will go through the re-work installation and return melted to the storage tank. Systems with warm water as well as those with steam work very satisfactorily.

Pasteurising and cooling sauces

Separated or mixed, an oil / water / starch mix is brought to the desired pasteurisation temperature by means of indirect steam heating. The hold phase may take place three times more quickly as a result of the fact that the mixing runs continuously. Thus, not a single particle can escape the heat treatment. Cooling to packaging temperature takes place by means of cold water. The entity forms a closed system, which is very easy to sterilise and to CIP clean.

Offal pasteurization – homogeneous mixing and temperature distribution

Liquid offal – valuable due to the high content of protein, fat and minerals – is thermally treated after the separator. It is a continuous process with an automatic interim CIP cleaning.

Pasteurisation of concentrated fruit – fast heating and cooling

Preserving taste in pasteurisation and sterilisation processes is realised by bringing the product to a high temperature quickly, keeping it there and then cooling it down quickly again. Fast heating and cooling is realised by the mixing elements, because these promote exactly the right degree of refreshment on the heat-exchanging surface. Known food manufacturers are using our mixing elements very successfully, allowing the sterilisation sections to be built considerably smaller and thus improving efficiency.

FIM Inline Mixer

FIM Inline Mixer

Design and Features 

  • High Shear, particle size reduction to less than 100 microns
  • Hygienic single mechanical seal
  • Various easily changeable working heads
  • Easy to clean
  • Standard connections
  • Motor shroud

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thumbnail of FIM Inline Mixer

Vertical agitator: Tandem

Vertical Agitator Tandem Mixers


Specific sealing system in accordance with the application:

  • Single mechanical seal, dry turn, or dual cartridge
  • Level of finish: Industrial / Foodstuff / Sanitary
  • Anchor flange: Square / DIN 2576 / IEC type
  • Parallel geared motor
  • Interchangeability of agitator components

The Tandem model allows different sealing systems to be installed in accordance with the application.

  • Low-pressure sealing systems with lip seal or stuffing box
  • High pressure or vacuum sealing systems with mechanical seal: single, dry turn or dual cartridge

They can work with products such as distilled drinks, juices, dairy products, syrups, creams, gels, colognes etc.

For product datasheet contact our sales department +44 (0)113 252 6712 or email sales@hpeprocess.com

Side Entry Mixer

Side Entry Mixer


  • DIN 2576 anchor flange
  • Level of finish: foodstuff / sanitary
  • Gearbox with high-performance helicoidal gears
  • Single mechanical seal sealing system
  • GAMMA / MARINE propeller
  • Simplicity of parts

Lateral agitators are highly suitable for maintaining and mixing products stored in medium and large volume tanks. The design allows high level of homogenisation of the mixture, which why they are extensively used in the food industry, especially in the dairy industry.

Apart from milk cooling and maintenance, these units are used for:

  • Dissolution of products like sugar, syrup, yeast, fats, powdered foods, thickeners etc
  • Product homogenisation (wines, liquors, spices and flavourings in brines, vegetable oils, fats etc)
  • Heat exchangers
  • Dilutions  (Whey, concentrates)
  • Product/suspension maintenance (soft drinks, orange, clementine, lemon juices etc)
  • Mixing flavours, additives, preservations etc

For product datasheet please contact our sales team on +44 (0)113 252 6712 or email: sales@hpeprocess.com

Dual Movement Agitator

IBC Agitator

IBC agitator


  • Level of finish: sanitary
  • IEC anchor flange
  • Coaxial gears gearbox
  • Interchangeable agitation components
  • Easy assembly/dismantling

IBC vertical agitators are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry because of their high performance and efficient agitation plus their low cost.

The IBC design changes in line with agitation characteristics and application requirement, with one or more impellers of the same or different kinds being used to provide the agitation required for each system.

Highly recommended for the following operations:

  • Dilutions, dissolutions and homogenisation
  • Product maintenance
  • Suspensions
  • Chemical product homogenisation
  • Temperature homogenisation

For product datasheet please contact our sales team on +44 (0)113 252 6712 or email: sales@hpeprocess.com