Partners and Brands

We offer and work with well-established brands and partners, allowing us to offer cost-effective, quality solutions to the industry.


The range is suitable for new start-ups or smaller businesses where plant capital costs need to be kept down, as it offers competitive pricing and short delivery times.


We are the sole UK Distributor for Boyer. A trusted name in tank manways and access hatches, the technicians are qualified in manufacturing and checking vacuum and pressure equipment.

Fratelli Laveggi

With more than 60 years’ experience and a long-standing relationship with Laveggi, it allows us to offer manways from a leader in its sector.


A company founded in 1954, is todays leading company using stainless steel for Manway Doors and covers.

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Evoguard [Part of the Krones Group]

We stock Evoguards series of valves which includes hygienic double and single seat valves. As well as the butterfly and extensive spares to support the whole range including aseptic.

Every successful production line relies on strong and reliable components for speed and efficiency. The valves are used in breweries, distilling and the beverage industries.

In all of these industries, hygiene is paramount and with the consistent development of the Evoguard series you get the full package: hygiene, seal quality and service life.

Evoguard hygienic valves series comprises a components kit that contributes to high performance at every point in the production line.
The maintenance-friendly design features readily accessible sealing points making removal of the seals and replacement is straight forward and subsequently manufacturing downtime is kept to a minimum.

HST homogenisation equipment for high-pressure piston pumps and sealing technology.

Why you should choose HST homogenisers

  • Flexible, product-centric design and production of homogenising machines
  • Engineering and optimisation of homogeniser valves, including valves on existing systems
  • Homogenisation analysis for dairy products
  • Comprehensive product consultancy on new development and upscaling projects
  • Planning and execution of extensions and modifications to existing homogenising machines
  • Professional machine service for all brands
  • Needs-based, efficient supply of spare and replacement parts 

Abscisse AB6

Abscisse focuses on optimising production costs, quality control and environmental standards. AB6 offer solutions for reducing effluent, optimising line cleaning, making processes secure and increasing the versatility of production lines.

They design and manufacture complete systems and individual pieces of equipment for both liquid and viscous fluids, for:

• Pigging System
• Sampling
• Filtration
• Breathing and protection of tanks


Unibloc design positive displacement pumps, strainers, sight glasses, bubble traps and oil coolers. Their pumps are precision engineered to fight downtime and costly re-builds, they have the industry-leading sanitary design, Unibloc Lobe and gear pumps excel in many fields including the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, meat and poultry, cosmetics industries.

Liag Laufer Ingternational AG 

Liag has many years’ experience in the manufacture & installation of Hygienic product recovery systems and has their own & unique piggable valves that compliment those systems. HpE Process have worked with Liag for over 25 years and have un-paralleled experience of their valves and pig systems.


Lutz a family-run business providing comprehensive solutions like the dosing pumps. Whether it is a complete set or a customised unit, they support it with a range of matching accessories. They comply with requirements such as ATEX, UL, PTB, VDE and CE.