Manways & Tank Equipment

HpE Process Ltd carries the largest stock of manways and access lids in the UK.

What truly differentiates HpE from competitors is the combination of having more than 150 years of combined technical expertise and the largest product range available from any source. We don’t just supply a manway/access door we supply a solution.

Tanks & vessels also need to be fitted with other ancillary equipment such as product inlet valves, product outlet valves, sampling valves, pressure/vacuum relief valves, sight glasses (with or without lights), mixers / agitators and cleaning equipment. Here again, we have the largest range of tank specific products available from any single UK source.

The increasing popularity for regional and real ales has boosted a need for tanks and tank equipment. We have become a leader in its field with more than 500 tank components including static and rotary sprayballs, sight-glasses, mixers and tank outlet valves. Coupled with the company’s understanding of the right part for the right job, our customers are guaranteed the best possible support.

We also have a dedicated E-commerce site