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Case Studies

Cutting costs – Unilever and Colmans

The Challenge WASTE is a major issue for food manufacturing where margins and deadlines are tight. Unilever Foods Knorr provides food solutions for catering which was in turn responsible for producing high value sauces in the industry and to millions of consumers worldwide. They called in HpE Process Ltd to design and [...]

HpE install sweet treat – Proflo

The Challenge HpE Process Ltd was approached by Proflo Engineering Ltd to help one of their customers solve reliability issues in a pump system. Tangerine Confectionery had a number of pumps in a cooker system experiencing regular seal failures. These failures caused damage to the pumps and significant plant downtime. The pumps (2 [...]

HpE solve H&S issue – Meadow Foods

The Challenge HEALTH and Safety is a serious issue for manufacturing. Meadow Foods provide dairy products such as chocolate sauce. The company had a serious issue with the cleaning of manual plug valves causing components to fall on to the shop floor risking injury to staff. In addition the density of the [...]

HpE clean up – Priden Engineering

The challenge ACCURACY and consistency are vital in food manufacturing. HpE Process Ltd was approached by Priden Engineering, on behalf of Princes Foods who were commissioned to design, manufacture and install a glucose pumping system. The system had to be designed to dose up to 10 soup mixing vessels with Glucose from [...]

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