For first-time exhibitors the PPMA show has proved to be a success, launching the Wangen MX PC Pump range which is the latest addition of ‘high-pressure’ hygienic pumps.

The MX progressive cavity pump with EvenWall Stator technology can constantly deliver pressures of up to 80 Bar. The modular design makes it very suitable for various applications such as gentle product transfer, exact dosing and feeding product at high pressure to heat exchangers etc.

The new generation Twin NG has also caught the interest of industry professionals with its new design features. This very flexible pump with CIP/SIP features can handle extreme product viscosities of up to 1.000.000 mPas. The NG has now a maximum capacity of 200 m3/hr and can achieve a peak pressure of 30 Bar. With a cartridge mechanical seal for a faster and easier exchange of single or double-acting seals ensures little downtime.

The Rotary Lobe pump is used in breweries (yeast), the dairy industry (cream, yogurt, cottage cheese), confectionery (caramel, toffee, fondant cream), in the soft drinks industry for the likes of syrup and concentrates, in the pharmaceutical industry on creams & ointments, in household & personal care for washing liquids, toothpaste, deodorants, shampoo & soap.

Unibloc is available in a number of specialised variants –

Road tanker pump – lightest in class and available with either bare-shaft or Hydraulic motor.

Chocolate pumps – heated rotor case and front cover, these pumps have tried and tested shaft seals for this difficult product.

Fryer Pumps – designed to move hot oil from fryers, this version features hard-faced seals with Kalrez O rings, special bearings and clearances.

The Quick-Strip Meat Pump transfers raw meat and is fitted with special rotors allowing quick and easy replacement. The ‘quick-strip’ variant uses metal detectable polymer rotors that can be removed/replaced without any tools, allowing operators to manually clean the pump – used in meat processing, fruit transfer, and some confectionery/bakery products.

What differentiates the Unibloc Rotary Lobe pumps from others in the industry is that the PD range out-performed other manufacturers 15-30% in capacity [compared with similar size pump]. Allows for smaller pump selection [less money short term] or allows for the pump to run at slower speeds, helping seal life [less money long term].

The range has the widest choice of seals such as single and double mechanical seals, single and double o-ring seals, double o-lip seals are available for most sizes without pump modifications. The ‘non-galling’ rotors are standard for most sizes.

HpE understands the importance of CIP Systems, as incorrect cleaning can lead to loss of production, poor product quality and product contamination leading to a product recall. With this in mind, they are able to offer Integrated Solutions Mobile CIP and Mixing.

A typical mobile CIP system contains an installation of 1,2,3 tanks, CIP feed tank, CIP return pump, Dosing pump, Heating Coil, Butterfly valves [Automatic /Manual] and a control panel. The systems can achieve cleaning pressure up to 8 Bar and cleaning flow rate up to 60,000 l/hr.

For their Integrated Solutions Mixing they are able to offer Electric Pasteurisation units, Maturing/fermenting or mixing units, Food Pilot plants and much more.

Other trends influencing the growth of the global food processing is automation, the food manufacturers who adopt advanced and automated equipment are likely to save both time and energy as well as reducing operational overheads. HpE Process are the Sole UK Distributor for Evoguard, a company that is part of the Krones Group. The Evoguard Valve and Pump series comprise of a modular system of components that contributes to high production performance.

At the end of each production, the pipework contains residual volumes of manufactured product which is lost and this makes long, costly and inefficient cleaning cycles compulsory. Pigging allows these volumes, which are often under-estimated, to be recovered and sold.

The Abscisse and Premisphere Pigging offers a rapid return on investment, strong reduction in effluent volumes, increased productivity, decreased cleaning cycle times and improved traceability. The pigging systems available are tailored for each application from DN12 and DN300, with low maintenance and operation costs.

HpE Process has two elements to their business, one is component distribution which includes Pumps, Valves, Tube, Fittings, Manways, Tank Equipment and the second is the Integrated Solutions, which is supported by a very experienced team a key differentiator from other suppliers. To know more visit or alternatively email