We are independent specialist distributors of Pumps, Valves, Tubes, Fittings, Tank Equipment and Product Recovery Systems.

From the first initial customer call, our engineers were on site within 12 hours and process requirements/cleaning regimes were agreed. The customer had a quote on his desk within 48 hours.

Working on meat & vegetable Ragu sauces with soft solids up to 20mm, the process required pumps to be easy to clean, able to handle large solids without damage and to self-prime on a suction lift – The Graco Saniforce was chosen from our extensive range of Hygienic Process Pumps as the best solution.

The customer also needed a quick turn around on the pumps in order to meet the scheduled production start date. We delivered 8 Graco Saniforce Hygienic Diaphragm pumps on stainless steel Trolleys with filter/regulators 7 days ahead of schedule. The pumps were originally quoted on a 5-week delivery and were delivered in 4 weeks. This allowed the customer a 1-week window to install and test the pumps ahead of the production run.

To support the process of soups and sauces we have introduced Tank mixers. These are designed with the support of the top flange and gearbox, without the need for a bottom bearing. The shaft design minimises shaft deflection to less than 2.5mm, where the product density and viscosity will vary considerably during the mixing process.

The mixers use a bearings and seal solution, where we differ is our mixers have a leak detection feature to allow operators and plant managers to see the problems before any contamination occurs.

For more information on pumps, mixers or any other hygienic process equipment please contact HpE Process +44 (0)113 252 6712 or email sales@hpeprocess.com.