Twin Screw – Curry Paste

Twin Screw – Pet Food [Emulsified Chicken]

Metering Trolley Pump with Flow Meter

Versaline Centrifugal Trolley Pump

Unibloc Rotary Lobe Pump

Twin Screw Pump and Hopper

Versatwin Screw Pump and Hopper

Unibloc PD677 vs MasoSine Certa

Unibloc PD652 on Taco Beef

HpE Cream Feeder Pump

Versaline Hygienic VCP Centrifugal Pump with Trolley

Versa Twin Screw Pump

Twin Screw Animation

Lobe Pump Animation


Attaching Control Head to Versaline Actuator

Evoguard Leakage Butterfly Valve

HpE Evoguard Double Seat Valve Product Transfer  & CIP

HpE Evoguard Valve Manifold

HpE Evoguard Double Seat Valve Open & Close

HpE Evoguard Double Seat Valve Upper Seat Pulse

HpE Evoguard Double Seat Valve Lower Seat Pulse

HpE Arc Valve 3A & EHEDG Approved

Product Recovery / Pigging Systems

HpE AB6 Pigging System

HpE Pigging

HpE Pigging System

HpE DMV Pigging Caramel Trials

HpE DMV 3A Approved Pigging System

HpE Pigging Systems

HpE Simple Pigging Systems

HpE Multi Port Pigging Systems

Manways & Tank Equipment

Gas assist

Gas Assist for Manway Doors

Non Pressure Manway Door


Maintenance & Repair

How to change a Versaline Centrifugal Mechanical Seal

HpE Partnerships Easy Maintenance Mixers

Unibloc Single Mechanical Seal Replacement

Unibloc Double O Ring Seal Removal

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

HpE Hologram Unit BeerX 2017

Hologram Complete Demo BeerX 2017

BevExpo Manchester, 2016

HpE Services

HpE Welding Services