Despite facing Brexit and Covid uncertainty, HpE Process’ staff are benefiting from better job security, bonuses and motivation after becoming employee-owned in March 2021. The team are looking to invest in themselves in 2022.

Independent hygienic process equipment supplier HpE Process became an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) following years of discussions and financial planning. Triggered by the retirement of its previous owner, Andy Allman, the HpE Process team’s priority was ensuring their job security.

A different kind of business structure, introduced by the government in 2014, EOTs are a trust that allows employees to indirectly own a business and share in its profits. As well as having tax advantages, EOTs engender employee motivation, commitment and innovation, driving improvements in business performance. HpE Process’ employees own 100% of the business.

Despite planning the change in ownership for several years, Brexit and Covid both presented big risk factors to the company and there was a concern that employees would leave due to uncertainty. Undeterred, the aims were that decision-making would become more efficient, teamwork would improve, and the first year of being an EOT would be profitable – which was achieved, and more.

Moving to this kind of business model has provided every member of HpE Process’ staff with a sense of ownership. Each employee is accountable to ensure the business grows, with the added incentive of receiving bonuses when the company achieves its targets. Handing over control has not only driven an organic change in processes to improve efficiency and make cost savings, but employees are being more creative, engaging more with customers, bringing in new business and showing more market awareness than ever before.

Marketing Executive, Meena Bains, commented, “Following an exceptional first year, there has been a real positive change within HpE. Everyone is taking ownership of their decisions, being proactive and making a real difference. We know what we are capable of achieving and will be striving for much more in 2022.”

Changes to the way the business operates have also improved their customer relationships. Working primarily with food processing and automation, HpE Process has been developing their stock management system, developing supplier relationships and offering more choice for the end customer. They saw early growth in their Integrated Solutions offering, which they plan to develop in 2022.

Managing Director, Khawar Aziz, reflected, “HpE Process’ strength has always been its employees that work to make it the success it has been for over 32 years. Not only will the business grow, but the employees will see the rewards – both from a financial perspective, and from having a far better working environment.”

The work the team has devoted this year and continued support from their customers have helped them to achieve their 2021 targets and form a strong basis for 2022. Their plan for continued growth starts with investment in personnel, training, product development and equipment.