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We are the only UK Distributor for Evoguard for valves & valve spares. This means quick turnaround, limited disruption to your production and the guarantee of the Evoguard brand for its spares.

Double Seat Mixproof Valve

Double Seat Valve

Valve for separating and automating

Separation of incompatible media with leakage-free switching

  • Both valve disks with balancer for hammering resistance up to at least 45 bar
  • Two-piece threaded valve disk with defined clearance for the sealing rings for easy installation – Security against infiltration and seal being torn out
  • Shaft seal with wiping function for protection against contamination ingress
  • Universally applicable seal for radial and axial sealing of the valve disk
  • Sealing of the leakage chamber without additional seal
  • Actuator with integrated cycle functions – For fast cycle times and low air consumption

ESL Double  Seat Valve

ESL Double Seat Valve

Reliable separation for sensitive beverages without preservatives and beverages distributed outside of the cold chain

  • Cost-attractive design, suitable for ESL applications
  • Safety when lifting the bottom valve disk with additional locking of the top valve disk
  • Suitable for all products and cleaning agents (sealant material: PTFE compound)
  • Optimum cleaning conditions
  • Free cross-sectional areas in relation to the pipe diameter
  • Designed for up to 500,000 switching cycles

Butterfly Valve

Butterfly ValveButterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve

Inexpensive shut-off fitting for product and CIP

  • Solidly designed valve disk
  • Safe guidance of the flap thanks to brushes in the housing
  • Seal with a small volume and extension gaps for compensating temperature expansion
  • Seal flush against the housing, beveled seat ensures that the disk opens and closes securely with minimal wear
  • Reliable sealing over the entire temperature range
  • Innovative seal design and composition of the elastomer according to the latest research findings
  • Maintenance-free actuator, designed for one million switching cycles
  • Easy installation with different connection variants

Leakage Butterfly Valve

Leakage Butterfly Valve

Used as an economical shut-off device for separation of incomplete media in CIP applications

Installation in horizontal pipelines without height difference

– All other constructional details are the same as with the butterfly valve

– Nominal diameters DN 25 to DN 150

– 2-disk concept

Both disks are switched by a common device and a single actuator
– Safety chamber between the disks is equipped with 2 pneumatic flushing valves for complete drainage of the leakage chamber

– Function: leakage butterfly valve NC in closed position, flushing valves NO in open position

With activation of air pressure, first the flushing valves close, then the leakage butterfly valve goes into open position
– Seal material EPDM / FDA 21 CFR Part 177.2600 Optionally HNBR, FKM, VMQ

– Actuator maintenance-free, designed to 1,000,000 cycles

Seat Valve

Butterfly Valve

Seat Valves

To particularly suit the process conditions

– Valve disk with balancer:

Reduces pressure surges when closing in the direction of flow. The cone-shaped valve disk ensures a gentle transfer of the product

– Metal stop for the valve disk to protect the seal

– Two-piece threaded valve disk with

Defined space for the sealing ring,  easy assembly without risk of twisting, seal resistant to seepage and rip-out

– Design of the shaft seal:

Wiping function protects against contamination ingress, geometry protects the seal against being torn out

– High product pressure of up to 22.7 bar

– Avoidance of pressure surges when closing

Control Valve

Control Valve

Fast and exact control of processes in hygienic applications

  • Standard control cone with equal percentage
  • Sealing geometry optimised for all required process conditions
  • Two-part valve disk, screwed, with a defined space for the sealing ring for easy installation
  • Allocation of diaphragm actuator with adjustment to product pressure
  • Selection according to nominal diameter, KV value and seat diameter
  • Fine adjustment
  • Control cone with equal percentage or linear
  • Same sealing concept as with seat valve

Evoguard Service Partner

thumbnail of Evoguard Training Certificate_Joe Pope_HpE_2023

We are now the Proven Evoguard Service Partner for the UK. Joe Pope has successfully completed all training required as well as already having serviced various sites with Krones fillers.

To ensure servicing is carried our quickly and efficiently we keep stock on the seals / seal kits. Should this service be something of interest to you please contact us on 0113 252 6712.