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We are the only UK Distributor for Evoguard for valves & valve spares. This means quick turnaround, limited disruption to your production and the guarantee of the Evoguard brand for its spares.

Double Seat Valve

Double Seat Valve

Valve for separating and automating

Separation of incompatible media with leakage-free switching

  • Both valve disks with balancer for hammering resistance up to at least 45 bar
  • Two-piece threaded valve disk with defined clearance for the sealing rings for easy installation – Security against infiltration and seal being torn out
  • Shaft seal with wiping function for protection against contamination ingress
  • Universally applicable seal for radial and axial sealing of the valve disk
  • Sealing of the leakage chamber without additional seal
  • Actuator with integrated cycle functions – For fast cycle times and low air consumption

Butterfly Valve

Butterfly ValveButterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve

Inexpensive shut-off fitting for product and CIP

  • Solidly designed valve disk
  • Safe guidance of the flap thanks to brushes in the housing
  • Seal with a small volume and extension gaps for compensating temperature expansion
  • Seal flush against the housing, beveled seat ensures that the disk opens and closes securely with minimal wear
  • Reliable sealing over the entire temperature range
  • Innovative seal design and composition of the elastomer according to the latest research findings
  • Maintenance-free actuator, designed for one million switching cycles
  • Easy installation with different connection variants

Seat Valve

Butterfly Valve

Seat Valve

Shutting off pipes with systematic adaptations to process conditions

Self-priming centrifugal pumps work reasonably well and we supply a hygienic self-priming centrifugal pump in the KPA range, however, they struggle on installations with multiple tanks.

The liquid ring pump was originally designed as a vacuum pump and that principle has been applied in the S type scavenge pump to make it the best CIP scavenge pump available. Its ability to handle air/gas mixtures, generate a good vacuum and keep those vessels clean is why it is so widely used throughout the food industry.

It is this feature which renders the Liquid Ring extremely efficient in CIP scavenge applications, such as the cleaning of tanks and vessels.

The Liquid Ring is employed anywhere that has CIP for tanks & vessels, but can also perform the following tasks:

  • In breweries, it pumps liquid yeast and is involved in yeast transfer
  • In dairies, as well as milk tanker offloading the Liquid Ring strains whey from cheese and can pump shear sensitive products such as liquid eggs and cream

Like all KPA pumps the Liquid Ring is also:

  • User-friendly and low maintenance
  • Test-run prior to shipment
  • Benefits from 24 months’ warranty
  • Electro-polished CrNiMo forged and sheet metal according to AISI 316L, perfect cleanability, and high corrosion resistance