To increase our offering of high-quality process equipment, we now supply mixers for the Food, Chemical, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Industries.

In order for us to supply the industry with leading products, we are always keen to work with reliable and established partners. Our partnership with PMS allows us to offer tailor-made solutions through CFD, constantly-improving mixing calculation tools and consistent experience in order to meet the specific needs of customers for new equipment or upgrading existing fleets and customer service.

See below our extensive range of mixing solutions:

Horizontal Agitator

  • Hygienic design
  • Interchangeability of the mechanical seals and geared motor, regardless of the manufacturers
  • Direct assembly on the flange to weld without seal
  • Easy Maintenance

Mixer Leak Detection Flange

Our mixers use a bearings & seal solution, with a leak detection feature to allow operators & plant managers to see the problem before contamination occurs.

Pendulum Agitator

  • Hygienic design meeting the most demanding international standards
  • Determination of the propeller profiles and equipment characteristics in line with agitator functionality
  • Easy maintenance (option)

For more information on our mixers contact our sales team via email sales@hpeprocess.com

Dual Movement Agitator

HpE Dual Movement Agitator

  • Thin blade propeller profile allowing less power to be used while maintaining mixing efficiency
  • High pumping flow
  • Preservation of product integrity
  • Easy servicing

Tank wall scraping:

  • Optimised thermal exchange
  • Reduction in product residuals in the tank and CIP cycle times


  • Clip assembly, fully washable
  • Automatic system adjustment
  • Optimised positioning to facilitate draining