The dynamic industry climate along with the ever-changing need of our customers, we are able to understand more than ever the importance of offering a varied product range. Being an independent supplier allows us to have the flexibility, which others do not, to work with the best industry suppliers who offer high-quality products.

We have been appointed as the sole UK distributor for 3P Prinz, who produce reliable, efficient and performing products. Very much like HpE, 3P Prinz believes when buying process equipment, it is a long-term investment and not a ‘one-off transaction’. The after-sales service is there to provide peace of mind and trust in our partnership, as well as cost-effective and energy-efficient industry solutions.

We are looking forward to working with 3P Prinz. For more information you can visit their website: or alternatively call +44 (0)113 252 6712 to speak to us about our product offering.