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About Us

HpE Process Ltd solving your production problems for 25 years.

Andrew Allman, MD, started HpE Process Ltd (formerly Hygienic Process Equipment Ltd) when he recognised that manufacturing downtime was causing loss of production and waste, costing businesses money. To break the vicious cycle he put great design and quick response at the heart of HpE Process Ltd to create innovative solutions that would future proof manufacturing and deliver a fast payback on investment.

Fiercely independent for 25 years the HpE team have a wealth of knowledge from various engineering backgrounds and pride themselves on understanding our customers’ needs, identifying the best and most cost effective solution and honestly recommending a system that will deliver reliability and efficiency for years to come.

Visco Twin Pumps

Versa Twin Screw Pumps

ViscoTwin pumps are setting a new standard for sanitary design. The mechanical seals are fully exposed to 100% of the passing CIP liquid and the pump is 100% drainable by design. More Details...

Our products and services

    HpE Process Ltd deliver sustainable solutions to:

    • Food
    • Household
    • Brewing
    • Personal Care
    • Bio Chemicals
    • Dairy
    • Confectionery
    • Adhesives
    • Beverage
    • Automotive
    • Bio Tech
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Chemical
    • Bitumen
    • Paper
    • Water
    • Architectural

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