Caramel – A customer used to pour down the drain:
185 Kilos of Caramel
5000 Litres of Water
350 kW of Heat
In just one line

Various applications:

Application / Product Cost of System Time money returned
Peanut Butter – 2” Pipework £3,500 Payback within 3 months
Coleslaw – 3” Pipework £5,000 Payback within 5 months
Heavy duty hand cleaner – 4” Pipework £24,366.50 Payback within 5 months

We have our own Premisphere system and work with innovative industry specialists to offer three distinct systems, each with its own key features. This allows us to select the most suitable equipment for each individual process. All systems are suitable for CIP, with EHEDG/3A approval as an option – something that no other hygienic pigging system supplier can offer. We deliver systems from simple manually operated to fully automatic with PLC control, which can be linked to factory SCADA systems. We provide independent advice and un-biased technical support at the all-important enquiry stage for your project, as well as be on-site for commissioning and always available for advice and after-sales back-up for the life of your investment with tangible payback.

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