Twin Screw Pumps

Twin Screw Pump

Versaline Twin Screw Pump for visual purposes

The FMH Twin Screw Pump is EHEDG compliant and is a competitively priced single pump. It combines the roles of a rotary lobe pump for product and a centrifugal for CIP feed or return.

The pump is gentle on the product and imparts much less shear than rotary lobe pumps. It is perfect for use in the food and drinks industry and has proved itself on products such as juice concentrate, mayonnaise, butter and spreads, peanut butter, chocolate, fondant cream, soups and sauces, biotech cell cultures, pharmaceutical creams and toothpaste.

The pump deals with a range of products, from chunky vegetables to cheese and yogurts to more viscous sauces.

For products such as soups where solids are suspended in a low viscosity media, the Twin Screw really excels. Customers have found that their traditional choice of a circumferential piston pump wears rapidly and is difficult to clean. Whereas, the twin screw performs effortlessly, without damage to the product or wear to the pump and cleaning times are much reduced.

Flowrates can be varied easily, from slow speeds for product transfer up to 4000 rpm for CIP feed and scavenge (comparable to the lobe’s 700 or 800 rpm max).

It is easily cleaned – crucial in the food industry, being described by various users and consultants as “the cleanest pump we have ever seen”.

Other benefits of the twin screw include:

  • Single pump is space-saving
  • very low shear to product
  • low NSPH (Nett Positive Suction Head) requirement. The product feeds into the pump without any change of direction, whereas in a lobe pump the product is split and turned through 90 degrees before reaching the pressure side
  • up to 30 mm solids handling
  • self priming and capable of handling up to 60% air / liquid mix
  • optional VarioTwin screw feeder
  • dry run compatible due to contact-free operation of the feed screws and a flushed/barrier mechanical seal
  • optional heating jacket

Managing Director of HpE Process Khawar Aziz said: “The twin screw is gradually gaining acceptance, particularly in the soft drinks industry where it is so good at moving the juice concentrates”.

All Purpose Brewery (APB) Pump

Twin Screw Pump on a Trolley, ideal for breweries

Designed to handle any liquid product (spent grain, trub, yeast, wort, beer & CIP) transfer application in any brewery.

The key benefits are to provide a high suction capability for handling heavy adjuncts, yeast waste and spent grain. The pump offers particularly low shear transfer of sensitive yeast, it has the ability to handle CIP scavenge without air-locking and low NPSH requirements. This allows for easy transfer of hot wort without cavitation. It is fully hygienic & EHEDG compliant.

The APB pump is supplied as standard with IP55 & control panel, speed control and a 4-wheeled trolley. Options include integral fully hygienic pressure relief valve, seal flushing put (for dry running & hot wort transfer), flowmeters, pressure gauges, pump protection strainers & hoses.