Nakakin circumferential piston pump

Supported by high quality and high performance each of Nakakin  Pumps are unique. The wide range of approaches to sealing includes using inside and outside mechanical seals to meet individual applications. Nakakin Pumps are easy to clean, easy to dismantle and easy to reassemble.


Inside Mechanical Seal Type / O-Ring Seal Type

These models use inner seals., JM for mechanical sealing and JO for O-ring sealing. Simple structures making dismantling and reassembly easy and providing a long effective life with high performance make these models the most popular.

JM/JO Datasheet including Pump Curves


Outside Mechanical Seal Type [EHEDG Approved]

These models use outer mechanical sealing. Their simple structure makes dismantling and reassembly easy. Options available are from single, quench and tandem mechanisms. Designed to handle a wide variety of liquids, these models work especially well with corrosive and fibre containing liquids.

JMU Datasheet including Pump Curves

EHEDG Certificate



Designed for completely aseptic liquid distribution, these pumps isolate liquids completely from the atmosphere to ensure aseptic conditions. Distributing mediums such as sterilised water and stream, these models are suited to aseptic production lines of products requiring long-term preservation such as dairy products and medications.

AMXN Datasheet including Pump Curves