HST, Kromes, Homogenisers

HpE Process is an independent supplier of Pumps, Valves, Tubes, Fittings, Tank Equipment and Product Recovery Systems. To expand the product range HpE wanted to offer something for high-pressure homogenisation for the Food & Drink Industry. The partnership with HST [part of the Krones Group] will supply the industry high quality, sanitary, and fully CIP-able equipment with the support of technical expertise, after sales support from HpE Process.

HST offers application technology, along with laboratory homogenisers for small-scale testing and product development. A product bought under high pressure is passed through an adjustable annular gap. During the passage, the product is subjected to extremely high turbulent, laminarly and cavitational force.

Under the influence of these phenomena fat-particles and/or agglomerates are broken up, reduced in size and distributed equally. The physical energy transfer increases stability, enhances taste, colour-intensity, consistency and shelf life. In many cases, this even eliminates or reduces the amount of emulsifiers or stabilisers required. As a result, the high-pressure homogeniser very often is the most vital part in modern production lines.

The HL Homogenisers consist of positive displacement, reciprocating high-pressure pump, fitted with homogenising valve assembly, specially selected for each application.

For more information on HST homogenisers contact HpE Process the sole UK Distributor for HST +44 (0)113 252 6712 or alternatively email sales@hpeprocess.com .